Alimony Blues-Sports Attire Alimony Blues-The Book

We welcome you to the South Florida Players Golf Tour site. This is an announcement of some great things to come. First, the Winter/Summer Golf Membership is available to you now. This enables golfers to play at some great golf courses year round at discounted rates.

There are a great selection of golf courses for your playing enjoyment this year.  Incidentally, the membership year begins November 1st and extends through October 31, 2014.

Next, a new book is introduced for your reading enjoyment. The title of the book is Alimony Blues. We are also offering Alimony Blues sports attire. Click on the two links above (Alimony Blues-Sports Attire) and (Alimony Blues-The Book) and they will take you to the pages offering these items. You will want to get the book. You will also want to get a cap, shirt, and golf towel. They contain the inscription: Alimony Open Golf Tournament. This was a tournament which was and will be hosted by the book’s author. The book is based on a true story. A guy was once held in contempt of court for holding a golf tournament. So he set up a golf tournament to raise money for alimony. Parts of the book are hilarious…!!

We look forward to speaking with you. Below is the contact information. Give us a call.

Telephone (561) 602-4627)

For more information:
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